Regional Preferred Pumper Program

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Removal

Grease Pipe

The Preferred Pumper Program is for grease trap/interceptor pump-out companies that meet certain criteria established by regional municipalities. Standardized procedures increase the likelihood that grease traps/interceptors are cleaned correctly, and reduce fats, oils and grease (FOG) into the sewer system.

Pumpers registered with the Preferred Pumper Program certify that they will follow pump-out criteria. Commercial/institutional FOG-generators in the region are encouraged to use a preferred pumper. Owners of grease traps/interceptors using a registered preferred pumper know that grease trap/interceptor pump-outs should be completed correctly in accordance with industry standards. When FOG-generators use a registered preferred pumper, the pumper assumes responsibility for submitting completed Pump-Out Reports. Regulatory inspections will focus on pumpers' performance in maintaining traps/interceptors.

Preferred Pumper Program Criteria

The preferred pumper agrees to: PPP Standards document

Discharge Prohibitions

Standard code for all municipalities prohibits the discharge of any fats, oils, or grease. No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged, directly or indirectly, any pollutant which causes pass through or interference into the sanitary sewer system. This includes solid or viscous substances in quantities or of a size capable of causing obstruction to the flow in a sanitary sewer line or other interference with the operation of the sanitary sewer system. Such substances include but are not limited to fat, oil (whether or not emulsified), grease, any substance which may solidify or become discernibly viscous at temperatures above 32 degrees.

Pumper decanting or stacking is never permitted

Decanting or stacking is the practice of returning wastewater from a grease hauler truck back into the grease interceptor or directly to the sewer after it has been pumped out.

The discharge of liquid, semi-solids, or solids back into an interceptor during and/or after servicing is prohibited. Decanting or discharging of any grease removal device wastes back into the grease removal device, any private sewer, any sewage drainage piping, any storm sewer system or any other grease removal device is prohibited. Waste must be disposed of in accordance with federal, state and/or local laws.

Preferred Pumper Program Benefits

Forms and Resources

Training Materials

Visit Clean Water Services' website to get handouts, brochures and training program information for  Food Service Establishment (FSE) management and kitchen staff.

Preferred Pumper List

Companies must meet certain standards to be listed as a Preferred Pumper. These companies have signed agreements to these standards and are evaluated on a continuing basis. New companies must complete a six month evaluation process.

  1. A&B Septic Systems
  2. Baker Commodities
  3. Grease Trap Service
  4. Jacob Environmental Services #448
    Fax 360.200.6109
  5. Liquid Environmental Solutions
    1.866.694.7327 (toll free)
    *currently under six month evaluation
  6. Oregon Oils, Inc.
  7. Pro-Pump Sanitation Solutions, LLC
  8. River City Environmental Inc.
    Business 503.252.6144
    Fax 503.288.3658
  9. Veggie Scout Oil, LLC
  10. West Side Drain